The Adaptive Leadership Lab


The Adaptive Leadership Lab

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Why is change so difficult?  Why are the people in power not addressing the problems that need the most attention?  How can I mobilize people to change even if everything feels unpredictable and everyone is standing their ground?  If these questions sound familiar, the Adaptive Leadership Lab is for you. 

Why? The need for progress and change on difficult systemic issues is all around us: digitalization, issues of diversity and inclusion, political uncertainty, conciliation of social impact and financial sustainability, necessity for environmental sustainability are only a few in the range of complex political, technical and social challenges that organization and communities face. People are increasingly called on to lead their teams through significant operational and cultural reforms. The attributes that served our management well in the past - technical expertise, respect for functional and industry boundaries, and deference to hierarchy - are no longer sufficient.  

To fulfill our organizations’ mission, other, more adaptive approaches are needed.

During this two-day program, you will develop capabilities and learn about tools to affect change in your organizations through large and small group exercises, presentation and peer-consulting on your own leadership challenges and dilemmas. In these workshops, we will use your own cases and stories to understand the complexity of the dynamics in your work environment and to create paths for progress on the issues you care about.

Program Outcomes:  During the program you will have the opportunity to

  • Reboot your understanding of leadership and options for leadership from any position in an organization or group, with and without authority.  

  • Improve your diagnostic skills for understanding complex, adaptive situations (sometimes hostile) involving a multitude of stakeholders

  • Deepen your ability to understand and relate to perspectives, interests and concerns of multiple stakeholders.

  • Increase your tool kit for action and to feel able and empowered to intervene in complex environments particularly as it pertains to increasing collaboration, partnering, and trust building

  • Connect to a sense of purpose that grounds you and your people when operating in complex adaptive situations leading to a feeling that they can do their job in a way that they are proud of.  

  • Build a cohort of partners and confidants that lasts beyond the program.

Our Frameworks: Our approach builds on the Adaptive Leadership and Adult Development framework which has been developed over 35 years of research and teaching at Harvard University by Professors Ronald Heifetz, Robert Keagan and their collaborators, including Tim O’Brien, one of the partners of KONU LLC.  

Program Participants: This workshop is for you if …

  • You work on issues you deeply care about and you are sometimes frustrated you are not making as much progress as needed

  • Part of your work is to manage multiple stakeholders with diverse perspectives

  • You are curious about how to mobilize others even if you are not their direct supervisor

  • You feel sometimes alone in your efforts to promote change  

  • You see that your organization is not (or partially not) fulfilling its mission

  • Colleagues with different, sometimes opposing perspectives confide in you and it is challenging to reconcile the perspectives for your organization’s success

  • The challenges you are facing are not just technical in nature, but includes issues of culture, identity, resistance or conflict.  

  • You are interested in building deeper connections with other like-minded change agents from government, non-profit and for-profit sectors on systemic change – that last beyond the two-day workshop.  

  • You are ready to be challenged and inspired to engage on a journey of personal growth.    

Logistics and Investment: The workshop will take place at the Potter’s House one of Washington DC’s iconic book stores and coffee houses for activists and changes agents.

It will start on February 15th at 9.00 AM and end on February 17th at 4.00 PM  

The tuition is 1850 USD.

It includes

  • Workshop tuition

  • Materials (worksheets, handouts and two books)

  • Breakfast, Lunch and coffee breaks  

  • A free coaching session 2-4 weeks after the program to help you apply the learning in your work.

Facilitators: Learn more about our facilitators and coaches here:

What previous participants said:

“Before the workshop, I used to think, I didn’t have authority to effect change. Now, I am going to be more assertive with my  ideas.”   — Participant, Public Sector Client, USA.

“I found Michael and Tim’s course both unique and surprisingly challenging. If you are interested in Harvard quality experiential learning to develop adaptive leadership skills in order to face challenges on a personal or organizational level, give this group a look. It will be hard work, but the net result for the committed  learner can be profound.”    — Benjamin Davies ROI fellow and Senior Program Manager at Harvard University, Cambridge, USA

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