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Why is change so difficult? Why do we keep ending up in political gridlock? What can YOU do to make change, when it feels like everything is volatile and unpredictable?

If questions like these matter to you, join KONU for our open enrollment Leadership Intensive, a series of workshops designed to deepen your understanding of leadership in a complex world.

The workshops can be booked individually or as a full series. They are targeted at change agents practicing leadership within and beyond their organizations and communities.

August 28, 2019

5.30-7.30 PM, Washington D.C.

Leadership Intensive - Skills and Drills for Leading Change

Don’t Do It Alone: Partnership and Alliances

Bust down silos and build bridges to form partnerships across different factions

As society increasingly fractures into narrow partisanship, cultural silos, and social media filter bubbles, more and more people are feeling disconnected. This atomization increases the diversity and variety of adaptive challenges, while at the same time reducing our ability to work together to solve them. We need leaders willing to work across these boundaries and open space for true dialogue and partnership. Leaders who appreciate both the strengths and constraints of diverse cultures and groups, and who can mobilize action in the midst of that diversity.

November 27, 2018

5.30-7.30 PM, Boston

JANUARY 25, 2019

4.30-6.30 PM, New York City

JANUARY 29, 2019

5.30-7.30 PM, Washington D.C.

Leadership Intensive - Skills and Drills for Leading Change

Real Leadership: Leading With and Beyond Your Authority

Reboot your understanding of leadership and authority and learn how to engage in the dance of real leadership in a complex world

Today’s volatile and unpredictable world cannot be navigated by a single hero who promises to save us all. We need people to exercise leadership in every sphere of society, no matter what their roles are. Organizations, businesses and communities require leadership that is ongoing, systemic, inclusive, and courageous.

But if you’re going to lead change that is impactful and sustainable, you need to properly understand  the resources at your disposal, while also identifying the constraints and limits of your authority. This knowledge is critical to help your community learn and make progress together.

March 20, 2019

5.30-8.30 PM, Washington D.C.

Leadership Intensive - Skills and Drills for Leading Change

The Inner Struggle: Introduction to Immunity to Change

Why is change so hard?  

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution? Several years in a row? With no success?  Have you ever received the same feedback several times? Have you ever faced other people’s resistance as you work to drive an important change initiative in your community?

The Immunity to Change process underscores why our most stubborn and persistent behaviors are difficult to change by illuminating our competing commitments and big assumptions. Only once those blocks have been identified can we truly develop strategies for overcoming resistance and pushbacks.

March 4, 2019

4.30-6.30 PM, Boston

April 26, 2019

4.30-6.30 PM, New York City

Leadership Intensive - Skills and Drills for Leading Change

Charting a Course: Systems Thinking and Political Strategy

Learn how to step back from a challenge to get a bird’s-eye view. How to step up to the balcony to observe the whole dance floor.

Exercising real leadership demands rigorous diagnostic work. You must chart the political landscape to successfully mobilize people for change and make long-lasting progress.

But once you have a diagnosis, how do you act? What moves should you make? What roles do you and others in your community need to play to tackle the challenge and move the work forward? This session offers a concrete approach to mapping the key players so you can engage them in the difficult work of adaptive change.

March 8, 2019

4.30-6.30 PM, New York City

June 19, 2019

5.30-7.30 PM, Washington D.C.

Leadership Intensive - Skills and Drills for Leading Change

The Hard Truth: Withstanding the Pressure for Quick Fixes and Easy Answers

Learn how to look deeper and address the underlying leadership challenges facing your community

Have you ever tried to fix a problem only to have your solution backfire? Have you ever spent weeks crafting a 7-point strategic plan with your team, only to see it filed away while business continues as usual? Or maybe someone in a position of authority in your community consistently over-promises and under-delivers?

This session will help you discover why.

Coming up Again in 2019

5.30-7.30 PM, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Washington, DC

Leadership Intensive - Skills and Drills for Leading Change

Resist the Temptation: Leadership and Seduction

Know your personal tuning and learn to avoid common traps that endanger your valuable work

There’s a reason why leadership is so damn attractive. Power and influence appeal to almost everyone on a primal level, drawing us towards the people who wield it. At the same time, those people in authority roles are often lonely and desperate for intimacy. Unfortunately, these needs and temptations often result in disastrous consequences.

You have seen it before: A supposedly funny innuendo devolves into egregious behavior, or even an indecent assault. Or an innocent flirtation morphs into inappropriate affair. Or office gossip pollutes the social atmosphere, distracting people from important work and negatively impacting morale.

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